Leica DFC300FX Color Firewire Digital Camera

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Leica DFC300FX Color Firewire Digital Camera
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Leica DFC300FX Digital Camera
Fire wire Cable and Leica Software Included
Quick transfer for PC with standard FireWire
• 1.4 Megapixel CCD with Bayer Array RGB Filter (high sensitivity)
• Ideal for live cell and quickly bleaching fluorescence specimens
• 36 bit RGB color depth
• High linearity across the complete dynamic range with the lowest noise ratio
• Exposure time adjustable from 5 ΅seconds to 10 minutes
• Up to 60 images per second for quickly bleaching fluorescence specimens
• Sub-array Scan Mode: fastest scanning of a freely defined area at full resolution
• Easy installation to a microscope, stereo microscope or macroscope
• Power supply for camera and fast data transfer using FireWire interface
• Intuitive user interface with convenient image capture and processing functions
for PC Fast Color Fluorescence Imaging The Leica DFC300 FX Digital Color Camera is specifically designed for the most intricate imaging requirements in genetic research, biotechnology and medicine. The Leica DFC300 FX records live cells, sequences of motion and fluorescence specimens or particles that are susceptible to photobleaching, even at the lowest light intensities. High sensitivity in the visible spec-trum ensures reliable results in fluorescence microscopy, especially for GFP and other low illumination applications. The Leica DFC camera housing is lightweight and compact, and easily attaches to any microscope.Leica Fluorescence Applications With an increase in powerful fluorescence applicationss
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