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At Spectra Services we are dedicated to providing our customers with affordable, quality used microscopes and laboratory equipment. From student models to high-end research microscopes, microtomes and cryostats, we offer a wide selection of optical systems and brand names from which to choose, fitting almost any budget. Our refurbished microscopes are guaranteed for 1 year from the date of purchase. We look forward to helping you determine the correct solution for your needs.
Home > Cameras & Video > JVC KY-F55BU 3-CCD COLOR VIDEO CAMERA

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Price: $900.00 Quantity:


The 3-CCD KY-F55BU delivers 750 lines of horizontal resolution and 480 lines of vertical resolution with highly accurate color reproduction. Featuring an RS-232C remote computer control capability, the camera is ideal for automated processes, whether in a manufacturing facility, warehouse, or laboratory.

* Image pickup device: 1/3-inch interline CCD x 3 (R, G, B)
* Color separation optical system: 1/3-inch P1.4 RGB 3-color separation prism
* Number of pixels (effective): 768 (H) X 494 (V)
* Color system: Wideband R-Y, B-Y encoder
* Synchronizing system: Internal/external
* Genlocking input: Composite video signal, VBS, BB, 1 V(p-p) , 75-ohm
(or black burst signal) BNC connector
* Color bar generator: Built-in, SMPTE typo (NTSC)
* Lens mount: C mount
* Sensitivity: P5.6, 2000 lx
* Sensitivity selection: (Through remote control): 0 dB/6 dB/9 dB/12 dB/18 dB/ALC + EEl (Through camera): 0 dB/ALC/EEI/ALC + EEl
* S/N ratio: 60 dB (typical)
* Registration: 0.05% (excluding lens characteristics)
* Horizontal resolution: 750 TV lines (Y channel) 580 TV lines (R, G, B)
* Contour correction: Adjustable through remote control unit RM-LP55U Horizontal: dual-Edged - Vertical: single-edged
* Video signal output: Composite video signal: VBS 1 V (p-p) , 75 ohm, R/G/B signals: 0.7 Vp-pr, 75 ohm - Composite sync signal: 2 Vip p , 75 ohm
* Y/C 358 output: Y signal: 1 V (p-p) , 75 ohm, C signal: 0.266 Vfp-p, (burst level) 75 ohm
* Electronic shutter speed: 1/100,1/250,1/500, 1/1000, 1/2000 sec.
* Variable scan: 1/60.3 to 1/2074.6
* Trigger connector: 5-pin, 5V(p-p( Lens pin connector: B-pin, applicable to the HZ-615MDU, HZ-61OMDU and HZ-G63500
* Remote input: compatible with the RM-LP55U convertible to RS-232C with optional VC P893U/ 8940
* Power source: 12 V DC (10.5 to 15 V), 7.5 W
* Operating temperature range: 5'C to + 40 C )23 F to 104 F( Weight: 490g/1.1 lbs.)

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