Nikon Eclipse E600 Polarizing Light Microscope

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Nikon Eclipse E600 Polarizing Light Microscope
Code: SP-E600-POL
Price: $9,500.00 Quantity:
Nikon Eclipse E600 Polarizing Light Microscope
E600 Pol main body(100-240V), Centerable substage with left side focus knob, Built-in filter cassette for transmitted light (NCB11, ND8, ND32, 100w Halogen Lamphouse for transmitted Light
Circular graduated rotating stage, high precision ball bearing rotation
marked in 1 degree graduations with two 1/10th degree verniers and 45 degree click stop
P-I Pol intermediate tube with analyzer slider (pull slider out to put analyzer into path), Bertrand lens for conoscopic observation (focusable & centerable), Analyzer slider has large 360 degree rotation dial with 1 degree vernier
Polarizer rotatable graduated in 2 degree increments mounted to bottom of substage
P-CL Quarter Wave and First Order Red Tint Plate (full wave plate
5 Place Centerable Nosepiece
4x, 10x, 20x, 40x Plan Fluor Objectives
Trinocular Viewing Head with 10x Eyepieces
Power cord, Dust Cover, Spare Bulb
1 Year Warranty
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