Olympus BX40 Brightfield Inspection Microscope

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Olympus BX40 Brightfield Inspection Microscope
Code: SP-BX40-BF
Price: $8,272.00 Quantity:
Olympus BX40 Research Microscope
30 Watt Transmitted Light
100 Watt Reflected Light
Trinocular Head
10x/22mm Wide Field Eyepieces
Five Place Nosepiece
Brightfield Reflected Light Turret
Brightfield Only Objective 2" x 3" Right Hand Mechanical Stage
5x/0.15 NA 15mm WD UM PlanFL Objective
10x/0.30 NA 6.5mm WD UM PlanFL Objective
20x/0.46 NA 3.0mm WD UM PlanFL Objective
50x/0.80 NA, 0.66mm WD UM PlanFL Objective
100x/0.90 NA,0.31 WD UM PlanFL Objective
Dust Cover, Power Cord, Spare Bulbs
1 Year Electrical and 5 Year Mechanical Warranty

Optional Upgrades

Upgrade: Erect Image Super Wide Head with 10x/26.5mm Eyepieces $1223.00
Upgrade: 4" x 4" Mechanical Stage $962.00
Upgrade: Magnification Changer 1x, 1.25x, 1.6x and 2.0x $1219.00

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