Zygo Maxim Gp General Purpose Surface Profiler

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Zygo Maxim Gp General Purpose Surface Profiler
Code: UMIND-0024
Zygo Maxim Gp General Purpose Surface Profiler

The Zygo Maxim Gp is a general purpose surface profiler that measures
the micro structure and topography of surfaces in three dimensions,
using computerized phase-measuring interferometry. The Maxim GP can
measure a wide variety of surfaces: ultra polished surfaces, machined
surfaces, films, read/write sliders, semiconductor wafers, ceramics, and

There are three major parts to the Maxim GP system: the microscope, the
system processor, and MetroPro software. The microscope combines optical
microscopy and interferometry to provide the raw data needed for surface
structure analysis. It includes the microscope, objectives, support stage,
video monitor, electronic enclosure and vibration isolation system. The
microscope image zoom option provides variable zoom from 0.5 to 2.0 times
the magnification of the objective.

This system includes a 40X objective

Zygo Maxim Gp Major component Model numbers:
Maxim GP Microscope 6300-0150-04
Electronic enclosure 6300-0112-03
5 axis stage controller 6300-0155-11

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